Right ol’ rigmarole

19 December 2014

Do you ever get to Christmas feeling fully prepared? Well this year, I have a confession. It is December 19th and I, so far, have managed to purchase TWO presents. I have produced dozens (in the way of family history binders, gifts etc.) but, in my ‘Christmas present drawer’ under the bed, I have TWO presents. In all honesty, the Christmas present buying process has not been made easy by the various people who I am attempting to purchase presents for, as most have said ‘I don’t know’ or ‘I don’t mind’ when asked if there is anything in particular they want/need, or waited until this week to ‘surprise’ me with their list of requirements (cheers Ma & Pa FWL!).

I still have a mammoth Christmas card writing list to wade through and – clearly – quite a lot of Christmas shopping to do. Thankfully (dare I say that), I am heading to Bath tomorrow afternoon so, with some luck and the proverbial following wind, my dear ‘family and other animals’ may have the odd present to open over the festive season (odd being the operative word!).


Is it just me, or are you sometimes left wondering why we go through all this rigmarole once a year? How did Christmas become what it is today? No…. I don’t need to know why we celebrate Christmas. I get that bit. Once upon a time, everyone used to send Christmas cards by post. Now, some people don’t even ‘do’ Christmas cards, preferring to donate money to a charity of their choice. I get that. In years gone by, it was traditional for ‘the whole family’ (whatever that constitutes) to get together at Christmas. Now, people often opt to fly to far flung places to get away from work and relax. I get that too.

So, what is Christmas nowadays? In the run-up to the big event, we spend too much money, get more post/mail than normal and exhaust ourselves at work, safe in the knowledge we have time off. But for many people, it means days that you have to have off work, whether you actually would choose to or not. There are some bonuses though as it is a time when it is usually easier to get about on the roads (after the rush of people who have decided to travel to see their relations) and you get some presents, hopefully things you really want!

[Source: Heartstringembroidery.com]

This is, by no means, the last day in the FWL office today but we would just like to take the opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas and we hope that you have a splendid festive season, whatever you have chosen to do!

[Now that we are well past ‘the hump’ of December, who has spotted the hidden message in the titles of FWL blogs? Well done to those who have already worked it out – there are quite a few of you! – but please keep emailing us if you think you know, so as not to spoil it for others!]

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