Inventive? Or just plain crackers?

20 December 2014

Genealogy is full of interesting finds to keep us entertained and amused in our research. Mulling over the requirements for the forthcoming weeks, this week I stumbled across ‘Low Fat’ (also registered as ‘Fat Low’ who married in Cardiff Registration District (RD) in March quarter 1905. As ‘Low Fat’, s/he may have died aged 34 in Liverpool RD in June quarter 1915, though there is also a marriage for ‘Low Fat’ in September quarter 1945 in Liverpool S. RD. This character married Amy E. Cole so was clearly male. There is no sign of any ‘Low Fat’ or ‘Fat Low’ individuals in any census so the earlier ‘Low Fat’ remains unidentified ….

Princess May Cheese came along next. Born in West Bromwich RD in June quarter 1896, she married in the same RD in June quarter 1914, becoming Princess May Brookes, wife of John T. Brookes. They produced ten children, though none of them cheeses, or Princesses.

Although I am fond of an Apple Pie and at Christmas, the good ol’ festive pudding goes down quite well, Rhubarb Bean was a slight surprise…. possibly not of British origin. Born 2 November 1916, s/he died in 2002 in Bury St Edmunds (Suffolk). Crumble (in all records) returns 42 hits on FreeBMD – though none with particularly amusing first names – and would you believe, Flossie Candy, was a pupil at a ‘School for Ladies’ in Wincanton in 1871? Oddly, an associated birth in around 1858 in Shepton Mallet has not yet been located…..

So, do you have any inventive (or plain crackers) names in your tree? I give you Arscott Sillifant…. look forward to yours!

[Now that we are well past ‘the hump’ of December, who has spotted the hidden message in the titles of FWL blogs? Well done to those who have already worked it out – there are quite a few of you! – but please keep emailing us if you think you know, so as not to spoil it for others!]

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