Smith … but William Hewett Smith at least! (#50)

21 December 2014

William Hewett Smith has been at the top of my Smith tree for many years. It won’t surprise you to know that it is not a line I look at on a regular basis. He appeared in Exeter in 1824, marrying Mary Gorford/Gosford Arscott on 30 August 1824 at Exeter, St George after banns were read on three consecutive Sundays

The couple were said to be ‘both living in Butchers Row’. They appear to have had at least seven children: Mary Arscott (1825), Ellen Hewett (1827), William (1828/9), Rosa Jane (1830), George Thomas (1832), Carolina (1837) and Catharine or ‘Kate’ (1843). George was the father of an illegitimate child in 1861 who I am descended from – see #10 of #52Ancestors.

In 1841 – minus Catharine/Kate as she was not born until 1843 – the Smith family were residents at Brook Green, St James Cottage, Exeter St Sidwell (HO107/268/8/9/13)

William was the only member of the family not ‘born in the county’. Later censuses state his birth place consistently as Bristol. Whilst considering this post, I searched FindmyPast for William Hewett Smith and was delighted to extend the tree in minutes, as the England births and baptisms index now includes a reference to William Hewett Smith baptised on 27 June 1802 of Thomas and Thomasin Smith, in Bristol! Now to try to locate a marriage for them and any siblings (love #52Ancestors!!)

Many years ago, in an attempt to find out more about William – who worked as a solicitor’s general clerk in 1861 – I located his burial at Exeter St James, aged 62 in 1865. His death is also noted in Exeter and Plymouth Gazette on 24 November 1865

Mary Gorford Smith outlived William, dying in Newton Abbot Registration District in March quarter 1881 aged 80. Now to track back on the Smith line…. fun this genealogy lark!

[Now that we are well past ‘the hump’ of December, who has spotted the hidden message in the titles of FWL blogs? Well done to those who have already worked it out – there are quite a few of you! – but please keep emailing us if you think you know, so as not to spoil it for others!]

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