And there it went….

26 December 2014

All that planning…. and now, it’s pretty much over already! Boxing Day is upon us. If you missed it this time last year, take a look at our blog about the Boxing Day traditions. Nowadays, people seem to go mad in the sales, either online or in stores. I dread to think what time people were queuing outside Next, Debenhams, Marks and Spencer and other shops this morning, but I am sure the newsreaders will inform us later, as well as telling us how we – in England – are expecting 8-10 cm of snow this afternoon. Well, judging by the pouring rain right now, I am guessing that it shouldn’t cause too much of a problem and hopefully won’t settle. I know – miserable us adults, eh!

When I was a child, it was fun to sledge down what would normally be a path onto the local green. Snow these days isn’t the same. It doesn’t appear every year and, when it does, we just don’t seem to be able to cope with it here in England. I remember flying out of Ottawa airport (Canada) on Christmas Eve in 1998 and the night before, about a foot of snow had fallen. Flight cancelled? Delayed? Nope. Took off as scheduled and on the way back to Canada in January, we had to completely de-ice the ‘plane at Montreal before taking off again to get back to Ottawa! No problem….

I am not sure I would change our seasons upside down like they are in Australia and New Zealand though – sun at Christmas and a barbecue on the beach just wouldn’t feel right, but I guess I’d get used to it! Better than this blooming rain….

So, now that Christmas Day is over and there are just a few family visits to be done before heading back to work, what comes next? What are your plans for 2015? Thought about those resolutions for the New Year yet? Time to start filling in the new calendar/diary…. Where is that glass of wine?

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