Starting over in 2015

29 December 2014

How many times have you considered starting over in the New Year? Made a few resolutions and within days/weeks, they have fallen by the wayside….? Well this year, I am going public.


Life nowadays is pretty fast paced. It’s common to expect an overnight turnaround on pretty much everything in life. When mobile phones first came into being, I remember saying ‘I never want to own one’ and now, I wouldn’t be without it. It gives me access to the internet, as well as doing all the normal things mobiles are supposed to do, like take photographs….!

Microwaves heat up food within minutes (sometimes seconds) and social networking channels provide us with information about everything about everyone we don’t really care about every second of every minute of every day.

So, it is natural for us to expect things to be done quickly and this is absolutely fine. That’s what technology is meant to do – make life convenient, efficient, better, easier and, most importantly, faster…. but the problem is that we expect psychology and physiology to match that speed. We want to lose weight in five seconds flat. We want to change our habits without too much hard graft. It doesn’t work.

2014 threw a fair few challenges, issues and setbacks in my direction. Old habits die hard. I went back to them and so, the scales don’t say what I want them to (even when I step on them four times, they still don’t lie as I would like them to!) and I cannot fit into my favourite jeans any more. Far from it actually. Happy Christmas to me! The 2-in-1 cross-trainer/exercise bike is installed near the office and, as of tomorrow, 2015 starts. I know, a few days early but start how I mean to go on. That’s resolution number one…. Exercise and eat more sensibly in 2015.

In genealogy, the world has moved on beyond belief in the last few decades and I was delighted to read the announcement of the ‘Genealogy Do-Over‘ on Geneabloggers. I am definitely in on that! Starting from scratch. Putting all those census schedule photocopies from the Family Records Centre to one side. Starting with a plan for my research. Filing everything right, with a strategy. Having a piece of software to input all my family history information. That’s resolution number two…. Do-over and do it properly this time!

Oh, I am looking forward to the New Year! Fitness regime and family history do-over updates a-plenty in January! Watch this space….

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