Always learning

5 January 2015

There is never a day that goes by without me learning something new. Whether it’s a new way of getting from A to B, working out how to use a new piece of software, finding a new resource of some sort…. I love learning. But have I always loved learning, I wonder?

My report in Year 8 – when I was 12/13 years old – has a lot of numbers on it. That works for me as I have, up my 20’s, tended towards problem solving/mathematical learning so 1 = the top 10% of the year, 2 = the next 20% of the year, 3 = next 40% of the year, 4 = next 20% of the year and 5 = final 10% of year. Pretty depressing if you get a whole truck load of 4’s and 5’s….

Many of you who know me well may be surprised to note that I was not always the greatest contributor in lessons – I know, shocking! My lowest grades in my report were 3’s for contribution in English, History and Physical Education. My teachers were given the opportunity to provide additional comments ‘only where felt necessary‘ and (slightly concerning), the column is completely full. Eek.

My Maths teacher – Mr Ruff, I seem to recall – said ‘an excellent year’s work and in the latter stages, a more expansive person‘. Not sure whether that means I put on a lot of weight in Year 8 or whether my mathematical skills had improved – I am hoping for the latter. Although I only scored a 3 for contribution in English and History, both my teachers made reference to ‘an excellent year’s work’, so I can’t have been so bad! Other comments reference my musical abilities and wish me luck in my new school the following year.

My pastoral report in Year 9 (first year of new school, aged 13/14) from ‘Smithy’ mentions my ‘enviable reputation for high standards and all round excellence‘ and those standards have been consistently maintained throughout my years of formal education and beyond into the running of FWL, all these years later! ‘Persistence’ seems to be a theme through many reports where I found a subject particularly challenging …. and I am inclined to think that dogged determination has held me in good stead in adulthood too!

In my Accentuate the Positive (Part 1), I mentioned that I had broken down a long-standing brick wall, with dogged determination and persistence coupled with the help of a correspondent via my #52Ancestors blog. This morning, the post person (didn’t see who, so not sure if it was postman or postlady today) delivered the vital certificate:


Ann Robson (by marriage to William Robson) was my 4 x great-grandmother and her life after 1841 has been forever a mystery. Until now. Never stop learning…. And never give up! Now to find out where she lived until her death in her 80’s. Oh hold on…. Genealogy Do-Over! Oh to hell with it…. I’ll start with Ann.

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