The difference between can’t and won’t

10 January 2015

Hopefully, the more regular visitors to our blog here at FWL will know that our main aim each day is to bring you up to date, educate and amuse you – our readers. Hopefully, we manage one of the three, sometimes even two, or maybe all three of them on a good day, with luck and a following wind. Believe me, there is a lot of wind about today in Wiltshire. It’s blowing a howling gale. The luck isn’t in short supply either as the station car park informed me that, to leave my car for one day would cost me £5. Not bad, I didn’t think but I was delighted to only be charged £2.50 when I paid via my mobile.

Anyway, back to the point …. Cinderella is heading to the ball, in London. Well, kind of. The crucial tasks on the list have been nailed down this week and I (in this case, ‘Cinderella’) am heading to London to celebrate (my geniemate) Amelia Bennett’s birthday. I won’t say how old she was just before Christmas but I am not many years behind her – though, that’s the good thing…. I will always be behind her!

The first ‘official’ week back at work in 2015 has been very successful with nearly a dozen new commissions and we are ‘in the mix’ on several Heir Hunting cases, awaiting feedback from potential clients. We have delivered on some enquiries within minutes with many happy clients as a result! Our paths have crossed with numerous individuals, most with problems of some sort, whether genealogical or otherwise. It has been rewarding to help them all and turn their ‘can’ts into cans’ and in some cases, ‘their dreams into plans’.

If people ‘can’t’, we are more than happy to help. It could be helping an individual to use something ‘technical’ which they don’t feel confident in using, or helping them to find a particular record for an ancestor. It could be introducing them to someone in our network who can advise them about an issue, or someone who can provide them with a particular service. It’s the ‘won’t’ people we can’t help. They have their heels dug firmly into the ground. No matter how much time and effort is put into the ‘won’t’ people, it is (more often than not) entirely pointless. They have decided that they will not do something and they will not.

Lose the ‘won’t’ people from your lives folks. Remember: positivity rules in 2015.

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