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4 February 2015

Well folks, today’s blog is late late late. Muchos apologies but I have been busy (a) researching and (b) sharing my expertise and knowledge with the world. The day started early – which doesn’t bode well when it’s going to end late too! – with a drive down to Hampshire Record Office (HRO) to delve into a client’s daughter’s family history for her birthday later this month. The trip was supposed to take place on Monday but the car failed me. The dashboard of my trustee Audi A3 looked more like Blackpool illuminations with assorted fault lights, including the engine management one, which put the car into ‘limp home‘ mode and ensured that we were certainly not fit for the journey to Winchester before a visit to the Audi VW Centre. Yesterday, in no time, she was fixed (though sadly the size of the invoice did not match the short wait time).

So, the original plan of working in the office today and then doing my webinar on One-Place Studies for Legacy tonight had an enforced amendment. Scheduled to leave HRO by 4pm at the latest, I had low hopes this morning. What were the chances of all my client’s family members being baptised or married where I wanted them to be? Well, the geneagods were shining on me today. I left HRO at 1:30pm with my list complete, as well as copying some records for some fellow surname studiers.

Back in the office to call some potential beneficiaries – who confused the hell out of me incidentally but that’s a story for another day! – and then time to settle in for the evening and present on one of my favourite subjects, One-Place Studies (OPS)! Sharing my knowledge …. though a little baffled by the Prussian OPS question …. we have new members of the Society for One-Place Studies and I received some super feedback from viewers as well as suggestions for improvements for the future, which are always welcome. Webinars are funny things as you don’t get any feedback from the audience whilst you present (which I thrive on!) but I thoroughly enjoyed my evening with Legacy and will be looking forward to my next outing with them.

Now to turn my mind to tomorrow morning’s webinar for the Society of Australian Genealogists – this time, Tracing Your Devon Ancestors. Pardon? Oh yes, I will try to get some sleep in the next few hours, I promise!

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