I won an award!

6 February 2015

I am so excited, I can hardly contain myself …. So, I have had minor lottery scratch card and National Lottery wins over the years but really, nothing major. Oh actually…. I did win a box set of the Who Do You Think You Series 1-6 some years ago, from Family Tree (Magazine) I seem to recall. Never been a bingo player and raffles have not been a great success either but today, I won big.

I won the BNI Bath Parade Top Referral Giver of the Month (January). Wowsers! We (FWL) have been members of BNI for eighteen months and, quite honestly, 60%+ of our referrals are generated from connections made via BNI over this period of time. Apparently, ‘normal practice’ is that members leave the award at the meeting venue after it’s presented. WHAT!? Not likely! I have brought it back to the office to proudly display it for the month. Sadly, as it’s transparent, it’s not very easy to photograph, or scan, or anything – believe me, I’ve tried. So you’ll just have to believe me that it’s a super trophy to have been presented with. I am ‘well proud’ and actually, finding fifteen referrals (someone counted) for other members of my chapter wasn’t hard work. Most of them landed in my lap – well, yelled in my face actually.

Referral networking is stupendous and a ‘must try’ for all, because Givers Gain. If I give business to people in my chapter, hopefully they will want to find me opportunities to do business too. If I refer them to a client, friend, colleague, family member or whatever, I would hope that they would want to return that compliment….

Family Wise Limited – frequently referred to as FWL – is going from strength to strength and the support of BNI members is a huge part of that. From Bath Parade to others across the region (Avon & Monmouth) and country – thank you. And muchos gracias for our recognition for January – enormously chuffed …. 🙂

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