Seize the moment

7 February 2015

Oh my….! I love it when a plan comes together but I love it even more when something unexpected pops up, I roll with it and it works out soooo well!

Over the past three years since FWL launched in 2012, lots of people have said ‘I’d love to do what you do’ and I have responded by saying ‘So, how do you fancy coming and working with me!’. Some of those conversations have worked out really, really well and therefore, I have several world class researchers working with me. Note…. with me, not for me. This is a team game at FWL. Yes, muggins holds the purse strings (that’s both a positive and a negative, incidentally) – someone has to – but I wouldn’t be able to do half of what FWL does without the fabulous team I have on board.

Today, I seized the moment. There is a niche gap in the team (which, for obvious reasons, I won’t divulge!!) which, if filled, will put us even further ahead of the rest of the HH competition. Two conversations later, from totally random brain connections (and someone’s post on a Facebook group), and we may have inadvertently managed to plug the hole. So excited….

You know what …. It really is all about who you know and how you connect with people. We all have skills, expertise, knowledge and more…. but if you don’t have the network, the connections and the way of breaking down the barriers on a personal level, you ain’t gonna make it.

Folks, take the opportunities when they present themselves. You only live once…. Go for it and be the best you can be ….

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