Tuesday random waffles (Part 1)

10 February 2015

One day, I might get back to doing my own genealogical research…. Haha! Who am I kidding?! Occasionally, I take five or ten minutes to look at ‘my tree’ though most of the time, it is a very short lived glance.

People often use phrases like, “fit XXX into your normal daily routine….” and I wonder what ‘normal’ actually is. In my world, it is normal to spend a lot of your time researching dead people, finding out what they did during their lives and how we came to be the people we are who walk the planet today. Many people don’t give two hoots about where they came from or who came before them – in fact, many don’t care much for those who are still here and part of their family, but you can’t choose your family, so the saying goes.

I, for one, am quite convinced that if you do a DNA test which checked for chromosomes which gave a genetic predisposition to being a geneafanatic, I would definitely have a dominant one of those! So, ‘normal’ for me is being a genie! Today’s version of normal began with a visit to Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre researching for Qui êtes-vous?known to us as Who Do You Think You Are? Of course, I am sworn to secrecy (well actually I am not, but I am keeping it a secret as I am guessing I am supposed to!) so I cannot (will not) divulge the celebrity tree I am working on. After a jolly fine lunch out with a long-standing geneamate and surname studier, I returned to the office to follow-up a few Heir Hunting cases. After getting over the shock of discovering that we were first to call a beneficiary on a very ‘easy crack’ case from yesterday’s list and writing a few letters, the journey to Benson/Wallingford began and…. grrr…. the Audi failed me AGAIN. So, Roxy is not fixed. Clearly, last week’s visit to the garage only bandaged up her injuries and another visit and further operation is required. Bum.

That’s Part 1 of the story of today. Part 2 will follow shortly, after this short commercial break…..

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