Tuesday random waffles (Part 2)

11 February 2015

Well, Tuesday turned into Wednesday without much shut-eye, but that’s nothing different from ‘the norm’ – as per our discussion about the term ‘normal’ yesterday. Late last night, having returned from the road trip with a broken Roxy, I had the pleasure of a very interesting business meeting at my 11pm…. eekeroo! That’s late…. Well worth it though with lots of exciting opportunities for collaboration both this year and beyond.


Two new family history project commissions came in this week and I am sorry but I have a confession to make: I could not stop myself!…. I stayed up even later to start investigating some fascinating new names. When you’ve got the bug, you’ve got it bad.

This morning began with an early morning trip to the post office to collect a special delivery with client contract and ID and then a return trip to the ‘car hospital’. Diagnosis: DPF defunct. Potential cost to replace: the equivalent of three months mortgage payments. Hmm…. let me ponder that for a minute. *******! (fill in a random rude word of your choice)

With 128,000 miles on the clock, what comes next? New clutch? New turbo? When do I stop throwing money at you, Roxy? And so, the sad process has begun…. I have left Roxy at the ‘car hospital’ for respite care, no treatment as yet. I have borrowed her significantly older sister for a short while until a new younger model can be sourced and the time will come for our final fond farewell. She has been a trusty friend for many years and transported me far and wide.

Sad times. The end of an era. But I am eternally grateful to Andy and Simon at the Audi VW Centres in Melksham and Bromham for saving my life today. Finding me a car to keep me on the road and spending time explaining the options, costs etc. So now, Cinderella can go to the ball – well, actually, I can go to London to complete my day’s research at The National Archives and meet up with my geneamates. Either way, I’m delighted that my work plans have not been utterly destroyed by Roxy’s illness.

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