Never a dull moment

18 February 2015

What a funny Wednesday! There is no ‘normal’ in the offices of FWL but today, I spent the day doing Emergency at Work First Aid training with Meadgate SC. It was mighty odd to be out of the office all day and focusing my attention on something else …. I am delighted to tell you that now, should the need arise, I am a qualified First Aider and can assist in emergencies (or to be honest, in many non-emergency matters). I haven’t been a student for a while now and the concept of having to pass an exam at the end of the day did not fill my heart with joy, but I managed it – thank heaven!

Back to the office to an email mountain – why can’t people just hold back for one day?
A telephone call list as long as my left arm and a task list which looks more like a book …. there is never a dull moment here. Short time frame family history binder to complete for a client tomorrow (delivery on Friday) and how many tasks can be completed? I think we should open a ‘book’ (of the betting variety) on that one….

Some lecture writing definitely needs to be completed before the end of the week as I think I have now taken over fifty bookings in 2015 (must updated the lectures page here too!) and that’s without mentioning the overseas ones. Oh, by the way, if you haven’t already taken a glance at my video interview as Keynote Speaker for the Ontario Genealogical Society Conference in Barrie (May 29-31, 2015), please do take a look. The schedule for the conference has some amazing lecture/rs lined up…. maybe I’ll meet some of you in Barrie?

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