Who dunnit?

19 February 2015

What made you start researching your family history? Everyone has a story. A reason. If you haven’t wanted to delve into the past, you’ve probably got a reason too! When I started asking questions about my paternal line, my grandmother on that side (Pa FWL’s mother) did not really want to talk about it and probably wondered why I was asking so many questions about the past. Her ancestral line had a few ‘interesting characters’ but nothing out of the ordinary or anything to be unduly embarrassed about or want left under the carpet/in the
closet…. we’ve all got our fair share of illegitimacy whether it’s in the present day or back in history (or both) and forebears who might have strayed from the straight and narrow All of our ancestors have left their mark on the planet in some way…. some more prominently than others.

My geneamate, Michele Simmons Lewis, wrote an excellent blog, Just How Many Murders Can One Family Have? Well, Granny FWL, we didn’t have any so far as I can make out so really …. you could have told me a bit more, eh!

Many of us in the UK are this evening glued to our television screens to find out Who Dunnit? This is – by virtue of the fact it’s on the TV! – fictional and this week, it’s Eastenders and it’s live…. I think that’s so no-one can let the ‘cat out of the bag’ about who actually did kill Lucy Beale before the episode is televised. Frankly, not being an enormously massive soap fan, normally I’d say ‘who cares’ but the plot is actually very well written and having it performed live brings in an element of unpredictability – who fluffed their lines last night!?!? [I don’t remember a character called Adam!! Teehee….].

I copied a rather vast prison record when I was up at The National Archives last week, complete with many newspaper reports about the crime which had been committed. Sadly, nothing to do with my family but a fascinating read…. and a real life event. Don’t get me wrong, I am not wishing to find a murder in my family folks, but it’s good to have a story or two to tell about your ancestors. I guess I will just have to keep myself going with client’s research finds and the fictional stories for now though.

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