What’s in it for me?

20 February 2015

How many people stumble upon something in life and think: What’s in it for me? Not because we are selfish individuals. Not at all. But we spend all day, every day in our own entities. So it is perhaps natural that we think about our own work, our own challenges etc. a bit more than we think about other people and what they are going through/the issues they are facing etc.

Have you ever thought that if you give a little, you might get a whole lot back? It’s all to easy to sit back and wait for friends or work to come to you. It’s easy to get stuck in a ‘why bother?’ mentality – ‘Why should I bother to contact X when they never get in touch with me?’ (be it family, friend, work connection etc.)


If you don’t bother, why will they? It’s a vicious circle surely…. To move out of that head space, you need to find reasons why you should do something. You need to find out ‘what’s in it for you‘?

Why would you promote someone else’s business? Because if you find them business, they’ll want to find business for you. It’s obvious, surely? You know a good electrician/IFA/(replace with any trade/profession) and pass on their contact details ….. that individual/company will want to find a referral for you to repay that compliment/favour. Networking is crucial in business….

What’s in it for you? If you can develop positive and meaningful relationships with fellow business professionals so that you know, like and trust them…. you’ll refer them to your clients, friends, family and even create referrals with companies you don’t know on their behalf. Because they are worth it….

What’s in it for you? Mountains!

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