What makes your day buzz?

22 February 2015

Are you having a bad day today? I hope not…. but I have read that some of you are going through some pretty tough times out there right now, with life throwing way more challenges at you than you deserve. It isn’t easy sometimes, is it? Especially when everything seems to go wrong at the same time.

Over the last few days, I have hurled a fair few opinionated diatribes at the television. Unlike me if truth be told but at least it has been in the comfort of my own living room with only Mr FWL and/or the two furry creatures to hear. I rarely jump into discussions on political, legal or international matters but I am getting seriously riled by a few issues at the moment – some genealogical and some not – and it is time to get them off my chest.

Firstly, quite frankly, if you are an A-grade student at a London-based school and decide to leave Britain and go to Syria, then fine. That’s your choice, stupid though it may be in some people’s eyes (including mine). What really gets my goat is the fact that your idiot behaviour has to feature on every news channel, in every newspaper and on all my internet feeds…. Why? It doesn’t change anything and isn’t going to make you come back. And if you do want to come back, why should you be allowed? Harrumph….

Since RootsTech/FGS finished and all my geneamates wended their merry ways home, there has been a lot of conversation about copyright. This subject is close to my heart and one I discussed with fellow geneacolleagues on the Unlock the Past cruise last year. Judy G. Russell wrote an excellent blog post on the topic entitled Copyright and the Genealogy Lecture, as did Pauleen Cass on Ethics, Genealogists and Conferences, and their posts (along with other discussions on social media) reminded me of an incident ‘Down Under’ in Melbourne. Chris Paton’s lecture was secretly recorded by a member of the audience who was only discovered when Chris’ voice could be heard coming from
his pocket after the lecture had finished. Instead of pressing stop, the miscreant had rewound the recording. Chris was informed and spoke to the offender but I was staggered to find that he did not insist on the recording being erased. This is our livelihood…. and the rascal audience member had made no attempt to ask if it was ‘OK’ to record the lecture beforehand…..

We must insist that copyright is not violated and if it is, take appropriate action.

And finally, when did the field of genealogy begin to verge on an edition of Jeremy Kyle (or for those across the pond, Jerry Springer)? In the last year, I have counselled many individuals through torrid situations and have myself been subjected to some truly hideous, spiteful and frankly ludicrous behaviour from certain individuals. The geneaworld is big enough for all us and we won’t all get along with one another. BUT, let’s all play nicely in the sandpit folks…..

My days buzz along beautifully with positivity – positive people in my life and on my team. So, those of you who prefer the Dark Arts, buzz off or I may be forced to put a nasty spell on you…..

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