When is it OK to ‘hit the wine’?

25 February 2015

I sincerely hope you didn’t click on the title of this blog in the hope that this ex-scientist would actually have a sensible answer to this question. If you did, (a) you don’t know me very well and (b) you’d best not bother to read on. I wasn’t ‘that kind of scientist’…. I was a chemical physicist. The only knowledge I can impart about wine is how to drink it and I would certainly not want to tell you about this at all as it is far better for you to try for yourself (in moderation of course, if you are over the appropriate age, and definitely not in conjunction with being in the driving seat of a motor vehicle).

People drink for a variety of reasons and according to the Drink Aware website there are four main drinking characters: the stress-head, the dinner time guzzler, the sports fan and the ‘relax, it’s the weekend!’ drinker. Which one are you? Or are you a mixture? 

Did you know that there are also many well-known excuses for drinking? Do any of these sound familiar? “I’ve had a tough day“, “I haven’t got work tomorrow”, “The sun is shining”, “I’m out with my mates”, etc. etc.

Well, I am well-up for an excuse or three today – new car, after two weeks of being in a loan car (for which, incidentally, I am very grateful), case returned from Treasury (in 9 days!!!!), cracked another few cases (well done, FWL team) and Ma & Pa FWL are back from their jolly jaunt around the planet. All in all, a good day.

So, cheers folks! Bottoms up! Don’t mind if you want to join in with beer, alternatively coloured wine, spirits, soft beverage, tea/coffee…. whatever. Here’s to another fine day tomorrow and the next tomorrow and the next tomorrow……..

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