Why would you?

27 February 2015

During our research into the past, many of us discover some truly splendiferous information about our ancestors. Sometimes this relates to their antics and sometimes just their names are entertaining enough on their own! I often wonder when carrying out client research whether people would be perturbed if their forebears were a ‘few sandwiches short of a picnic‘ and we do have to be sensitive in our line of work. You never know what you’ll find when you start digging …. but those stories can wait for another day.

Sandwich Retucker was born in Stockton Registration District in June quarter 1898 (Vol. 10, Page 90) but sadly, I cannot find any further trace of him/her after this record. There are frequent references in historic records to the Earl and Countess of Sandwich and also individuals with Sandwich is a middle name, like Joseph Sandwich Woof. In fact, there were two of them, one born in 1844 and one in 1851. There aren’t very many Sandwich deaths though – just one after 1916 for Mollie Sandwich Parker (1916-1990). Interestingly, the only reference to Sandwich as a name in the census is the 1871 census for the Earl himself when his occupation is described as ‘Earl of Sandwich’.

You may well have guessed the other name due to feature in this blog – and if you haven’t, shame on you! Harris Picnic, born September quarter 1895 in Sheffield…. I am not kidding! Again, much like Sandwich, no trace other than his/her birth and no other records relating to any Picnics – well, there are transcription errors, but no real ones!

And finally, not quite a Club Sandwich but Clubhouse Thomas Morton who died in Salford in June quarter 1838. Heaven only knows what his parents were thinking!

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