Even (or only) on a Saturday

28 February 2015

So what did Saturday hold for you? How many of you had a leisurely day off? Watched some sport on the television? I’ll lay money on the fact that 99.9% of you did some kind of household chores. Saturday can be a bit of a pain in that way…. duster, vacuum cleaner, washing machine, tumble dryer and dishwasher day. Even I managed to use three of five today which is pretty good going for me!

As you know, I am lucky enough to do this genealogy lark all day every day. And sometimes that all day is longer than it should be, especially on weekends when I can catch up on the task list. Without boring you with all those items crossed off, I have spent a bit of time thinking out of the box on the BV list, finished off some client reports, replied to the BBC and Qui est-vous? researchers, completed my secretarial tasks for the Society for One-Place Studies and chair tasks for The Surname Society, including ‘hanging out’ and talking about Canadian records…. I love my ‘job’, and those are just the highlights!

And so, to chill out with The Voice…. and do a few more family histories on the laptop at the same time! Team tactics for the week ahead have now been planned, writing tasks still to be completed tomorrow and then the March Madness can properly begin. Quite how I am going to achieve my objectives for the month is beyond me but hey, aim high…. that’s always been my motto!

How do you fancy some Stupendous Sunday Surnames tomorrow?

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