2 March 2015

What do you want to achieve this year? What are your goals and aspirations? How are you going to accomplish your objectives?

Back in 1949, a US Air Force B50 aeroplaneLucky Lady II, landed in Texas today at 9:22am having completed the first non-stop round-the-world flight, commanded by Captain James Gallagher. Taking off from the same air force base four days earlier, it had been refuelled four times in mid-air – an amazing achievement and just shows what can be accomplished when someone (or a team) sets their mind to a specific goal.

Today in 1958, the English explorer and scientist, Vivian Fuchs reached Scott Base, Victoria Land, having led the first expedition to cross Antarctica. Travelling 2,200 miles in 99 days, the expedition set out from Shackleton Base, Weddell Sea, on 24 November 1957. I wonder why/how the expedition idea first crossed Vivian’s mind?! Not an everyday thought for most people….

And then in 1969, the maiden flight of the first French Concorde took place today. Who came up with the concept of having a supersonic passenger airliner? An excellent idea …. but once again, not the kind of thought/discussion you have over a beer/wine/coffee with friends on a daily or weekly basis!

So, what are you going to accomplish in 2015? We are already 1/6th of the way through the year…. Tempus fugit, though not as fast as Concorde! …. Don’t let the year pass you by and arrive at Christmas wishing you had done X or Y, or achieved Z but failed, because you hadn’t set out your steps along the way. Make every minute, every hour, every day count!

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