How special are you?

5 March 2015

Well, I certainly felt special when I returned to the office this afternoon to find no less than FOUR special deliveries were being held for me at the post office! Four certificates, four leaflets to throw into the recycling bin and four other random items of mail (bank statements and other such earth-shattering excitement!) – that’ll teach me to be away from the office when the post lady pops by! [Today was the day to have the locks chopped and the grey stripes banished – hence, my absence.]


It’s been an interesting 48 hours for me. Leaving the office late on Tuesday evening, I spent Wednesday working from an alternative venue – the home of Ma & Pa FWL – but that was after attending  a BNI meeting (BNI Wimborne) as a visitor in the early hours of the morning. And wow, was it worth a visit! I received a very warm welcome (at 6:30am) from an amazing group of members with wide-ranging business interests as well as several visitors, and I was staggered to receive SEVEN referrals! I know that our business is ‘an unusual category’ in BNI chapters but for so many fellow professionals to be able to generate referrals for FWL in such a short space of time (I only asked to visit one week ago!) was just astonishing. [Perhaps even more astounding to meet the man who fixed my first car when I had an accident in 1995!]

The main reason for the ‘alternative office’ yesterday was to give a lecture at Lytchett Minster School about ‘Family History: Challenges, Pitfalls and the Downright Ridiculous’ last night …. a very enthusiastic audience with many excellent questions and a lovely gift from the organiser to thank me for my lecture. I do so love inspiring others to start researching their family history and advising them as to how they can find out all the fascinating tales of their past.

And then today, the barnet chop, some teaching and another lecture, this time to the Sherston WI. Tomorrow, a rest….? Erm, no….! Early start, so ‘Bonne Nuit‘ …. ‘A demain‘.

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