Keys, cars and chargers

19 March 2015

Continued letter to Whoever-you-are-who-looks-down-on-us-all….

Well, the first part of my letter to you last night finished with ‘Misplaced the house keys…. HOW?! The front door is locked so they must be in the car somewhere…. Ugh….’…. 11:45pm and I was ransacking the car trying to locate the keys. I have a central console in the ‘as-yet-unnamed’ new wheels where I *always* put the house keys. Mr FWL and Ma & Pa FWL’s house keys were in there, but not mine. Not much help when I was outside my own house and neither of the aforementioned places….

Handbag deeper than the Atlantic Ocean, contents thrown everywhere, keys still nowhere to be seen. Every seat moved forwards and backwards, the lawn checked and torch light flashed in all sorts of places…. the neighbours must have wondered what the hell I was doing. Having been to three different locations since I left home over seven hours before, there were numerous places the keys could potentially have been lost. But really….? Could they have been lost?

I had walked out of the door talking to a member of the FWL team. What had I walked out of the door with? My laptop and charger, a folder, my mobile and the keys. Laptop placed securely in the usual location with the folder nearby…. The end of the charger was slightly protruding under the bag divider. Normal stuff. The travelling FWL MD bag has a multitude of pockets, designed for cabin baggage on flights. So, after 15 minutes of searching everywhere else, I decided to empty the entire contents of that as well. Who’d have thought it? Wound up in my charger cable was the ampersand key ring which holds THE HOUSE KEYS! Yippee! I hate the use of the ampersand in writing but I have never been so glad to see it at 11:50pm on a Wednesday.

So, please explain to me…. why do I not wind the charger cable up and use the velcro? Am I the only one who doesn’t do this? Perhaps this would have helped me last night to access my own house, so a learning point for the future.

By the way, I have not received your reply regarding Sir, Madam and Love from yesterday – look forward to your advice, in whatever way you are able to send it.

Kindest regards,

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