Back to the grindstone ….

23 March 2015

I love the fact that every day presents a different challenge. Cases which teach us something new, clients who request some ‘out of the ordinary’ research, people to track down who don’t quite conform to ‘expectations’. It’s a little bit like my previous existence as a teacher! No two classes the same, no two days the same, no two students the same…. But, don’t you find that some days you could do without some of the unnecessary challenges? Those which present hurdles which you have to leap over though you gain nothing by doing so…. Those which you wish would just disappear and then life could be a little less hassle-filled….

And then, some awesome events occur to brighten the day – three intestacy cases back from the Treasury (amounts undisclosed) and some super feedback on our CheckaProfessional page. Amazing how a few positives can completely turn things on their heads!

The day began with a long list of things to do. I can’t honestly say it’s shorter than at 9am this morning but we, at FWL, have achieved a lot today. With a fair few giggles along the way from 1911 census searches (to be shared tomorrow), the office is not quite paper-free this evening but that is a testament to the team’s achievements! [And the calls were still coming in at 10pm and onwards….!] So now, roll on Tuesday – please no more Smith families! – and with less interruptions to the planned schedule, if possible.

[Having said that, we also wish for a better Bonavacantia list tomorrow – today’s was not the best, in all honesty. If anyone can actually identify Thomas Raymond Meritt Phenis (1927-2007), do let me know!]

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