Are you having a laugh?

25 March 2015

How many hours are there in a day? I know that the sensible, mathematical answer is 24. How many of those should be waking ones? 16 is probably the medical answer. We are supposed to have eight hours sleep, so I am told…. but how can that work when there is so much networking and genealogy to be done?!

Despite the fact that two people tried to tell me this morning that it was Thursday, amazing developments have taken place today – Wednesday. Having met someone at networking last week, we managed to trace his birth mother’s life (and sadly, decease) within an hour of receiving his email. A lifetime of questions, finally resolved for just £20. New business relationships formed and old ones renewed in the early hours of this morning at an excellent Chapter meeting of BNI Spire – great to have the opportunity to meet one of the two new Executive Directors for BNI Wiltshire, network with business professionals and represent Frank Miller of Carlyia Ltd, the new Chapter Director as of next week!

Networking is crucial to FWL – we build our business based on relationships and professionalism. If you know, like and trust us, you’ll refer us with confidence and we are grateful for the superb feedback we have received from clients on Check A Professional already…. We were only approved last week as the first people tracers, Heir Hunters and professional family historians on their site!

It’s fair to say that people react in curious ways to the successes of others but hey, we can only control what we do, not how other people choose to conduct themselves. The team at FWL is superb, outstanding, phenomenal …. I could go on, and I (MD@FWL) am extremely proud of our achievements for our clients. Long may it continue and we will carry on ‘having a laugh’ as we go. Genealogy, family history, whatever you call it, is an extremely rewarding profession.

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