When push comes to shove

26 March 2015

It’s a funny phrase, don’t you think? “When push comes to shove” or “when the chips are down” or “when the gloves come off” are phrases usually accompanied by “you know who you can rely on”. It’s true. I remember when I was young, Ma FWL was part of a babysitting circle. I don’t think any money changed hands (though I might be wrong) but it worked more on a kind of ‘you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ basis. You gained points for doing a turn at babysitting and you had points deducted from your total when you had someone sit on your child/ren – I mean, look after your child/ren!

GlovesLife is still like that, even in the hectic world we now live in with all this modern technology which ensures we never have a minute’s peace. Whether it’s in a social setting, business or whatever, those who ‘get on’ help each other out, maybe by suggesting a good plumber or offering a hand to do something or another…. Sometimes favours come from associates from long ago because they remember what a ‘jolly good egg‘ you were (and probably still are!). Earlier this year, and on a number of occasions since, I have talked about positivity rules. If you do something positive for someone, they’ll remember you positively. Do something negative and it only takes a minute to destroy any good feelings that person ever had for you.

When push comes to shove, I support the people I care about, our customers and clients and I get that back in bucket loads. If/when the gloves need to come off, that means they have my back or even fight with/for me and I do the same for them. Gone are the days when children play out in the street together (I lived in a cul-de-sac, I hasten to add) like we did when I was young but the sense of community and mutual support hasn’t completely ‘departed this life‘. Have a think …. when was the last time you did something positive, without knowing you would be ‘rewarded’? It’s really worthwhile, especially for those times when the chips are down for you.

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