Time for a change?

27 March 2015

Running FWL (and all the other things I do) means that me and Mr FWL don’t get much ‘time out’ together. So this weekend, we have decided to have some time away. He took the day off today (rare) and at lunchtime, we headed off to our undisclosed destination. Gertrude (the Satnav) informed me that the ‘still-unnamed’ new car would deliver us to the specified venue in 3 hours and 40 minutes. Usually, Gertrude tells the truth. Sadly today, she chose to tell whopping great lies.


As I commented on several weeks ago, the 50 mile an hour average speed cameras drive me nuts. I cannot even tell you how many of these we experienced on our journey. Along with reduced speed limits for probably nearly 100 miles, we also contended with a broken down car blocking the inside lane in the middle of the roadworks, a Mazda which had managed to cave in the back of Mercedes and cause several miles of tailbacks and more idiotic drivers than I have seen in many months. In fact, I think this may go down in history as the longest journey I have ever driven! Gertrude – try 6.5 hours…. Zzzzz…..

Having arrived at the undisclosed location, we will be residing in a fine example of Lenny Henry’s accommodation for a few nights. The last time we managed to get away was in the Autumn (Fall for you Americans!) although we managed some fine weather and a visit to the beach. Personally, I am hopeful for a toe dip during the weekend, though I may regret that when chillblains set in. Whichever which way, a change is as good as a rest so here’s to some peace, quiet, rest and relaxation over the next 48 hours. Happy Weekend folks!

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