Adventures in Wonderland

28 March 2015

Gertrude has now been replaced by Doris who, it appears, has an occasional US accent. We thought we had fathomed the reason for the switch but apparently, we were mistaken. Today, Mr FWL and I have been in Lincolnshire. A brief dalliance to Forest Pines this morning for just over an hour, we then navigated the A15 to Lincoln on a magical mystery tour. Prior to departure from the land of FWL, we had not massively planned our weekend away – partly because our lives are so dictated by schedules and also due to the lack of time because of them. So, Doris at the ready, we headed off in random directions experiencing pouring rain, howling gales and beautiful sunshine …. all in one day!

Who knew that Lincoln was so original in their street names …. yes, ‘Steep Hill‘ is exactly that! And on said Steep Hill, is Jew’s Court – the oldest synagogue in the British Isles. It’s a Norman building immediately above Jew’s House and dates back to between 1150 and 1180. Now, it’s a bookshop and I managed to spend a grand total of £2.95 on FOUR books! [And the best part is that one book cost 5 pence and two of them cost 20 pence!!! – got to love a good bookshop.]

Lincoln Cathedral is something else and the wind was whipping around the higher hills of the city. Beautiful and quite unexpected (having not bothered to look before we travelled!)…. We had spoken to two longstanding friends before leaving Forest Pines who said “You must visit the Humber Bridge”. Well, in the pouring rain, it wasn’t much of an attraction. However, after visiting Lincoln in glorious sunshine, we headed back up the A15 to Barton upon Humber to the viewpoint of the Humber Bridge. Very much worth visiting! In fact, we travelled over it twice (which cost us just £3 in toll fees). I decided I wanted to visit Skidby Mill – not many working windmills around these days – and it was on the map, so I figured we should go and see it! When will me and Mr FWL return to this area? Jolly good question!

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