The difference between right and wrong

29 March 2015

When I was ‘a tiddler’, Ma & Pa FWL had the unenviable task of bringing me up. I am sure this task was not easy when I was a child, nor any easier when I became a teenager and then an adult. Teaching me right from wrong when I was a child was simple though, I would imagine: it’s wrong to steal, it’s wrong to tell lies (you should always tell the truth), etc. If only things could stay the same when we are adults…. Just what is the difference between right and wrong?

Well, some things are governed by law, so that makes it very black and white. That said, the adult world is more complicated, sometimes confusing and morally ambiguous. We – at FWL –  ensure that we maintain high ethical standards in our work. But what happens when people try to ‘do us down’?

It’s tough at the top and not everyone likes to watch others succeed in their field. We are ‘new’ – well, if you can call genealogists and people tracers with over eight decades of experience between us ‘new’ – and we are young. Ever experienced the disdain of others (perhaps, the older generations) when you start ‘stepping on their patch’ and heaven forbid, you are under 50? We do, regularly. Does that make us wrong? No. Does that mean we should shuffle off and stop doing what we do? No.

We can all work in the same professional arena, doing our own thing and working ‘together’, can’t we? We, at FWL, would like to think so. If not, we just let the others ‘get on with it’, don’t we? If people don’t and then start speaking ‘out of school’ about us, there is a danger of being involved in actions we would rather not spend our precious time on. The law is the law. Let’s stick to it, eh….

Taking property which is not your own is illegal. Making a false claim about someone’s character or actions is illegal. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is illegal. I was brought up that way by Ma & Pa FWL. I hope that others had the same excellent upbringing I had….

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