Demon networker

1 April 2015

OK, so what do you do when you are working at max capacity with more work than hours in the month, let alone the next week? Oh, of course….! Go to two networking events in one day to generate more relationships and even more business. That clearly was the best plan for today.

The day started at 8am at Brewer’s Fayre in Chippenham with 4Networking and a special guest – the founder of 4N, Mr Brad Burton Esq. Having visited 4N a few times, the thumbscrews were on from the outset. If I didn’t join today, I would never be able to visit again (well, not quite, but you get the idea)! It’s a membership networking organisation and you cannot just keep visiting, reaping the rewards that members pay for – I get that.

So, I arranged my one-to-ones with people whose businesses were of interest to me. Unfortunately, you only get time for three one-to-ones in one meeting but I managed to gain an invaluable insight into Signable, RAM Business Services and The Success Formula (soon to be reborn). Good to meet up with many other business owners from the Chippenham/Calne/ Swindon/Bath area and, on leaving the meeting, several emails were flying around and appointments booked for the forthcoming weeks, to follow up on discussions.

Bristol was the next stop to sub for a colleague at BNI Cook Chapter. I have visited before although I am a member of BNI Bath Parade…. The new Leadership Team were ‘invested’ today and they shared their goals for the forthcoming year with the rest of the Chapter – increased referral rate, increased number of visitors, more social events…. and much more. A high energy meeting and lots of interesting discussions in open networking after the meeting closed.

New acquaintances made, my Twitter following, Facebook circles and LinkedIn connections have grown during the course of the last 12 hours. My diary has been filled with more appointments and my bank balance is lighter….. oops, how did that happen? Oh yes, I joined 4N. I did the ‘try before you buy’ and liked what I saw, so Brewer’s Fayre (Chippenham) and Hare & Hounds (Bath), you’ll be seeing me more regularly!

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