What makes your boat go faster?

4 April 2015

During the course of the last week, a wise man said to me, “You need to figure out what makes your boat go faster“! Oh how right he was, although the context in which he made the statement was completely different from the way I actually took it.

Managing FWL is just a small part of what I do in the world of family history/genealogy and frequently, people comment on how much work I seem to fit into a day/week. However, what proportion of that ‘floats my boat’? Thinking about it on Wednesday, on my journey from Chippenham to Bristol, I came to the conclusion that actually, I don’t just have one boat. I have a flotilla. In some cases, I have a crew to support the voyage and ‘make the boat go faster’ but in others, I am the Captain, every crew member and even the boat itself!

So, which portions of my world do I enjoy? Are they the ones which are all at least going (rowing) in the same direction (if not all at the same speed)? Which of the vessels are heading off on their own path? Am I allowing them to do so (because I am not bothered), or am I so wrapped up in the work which other vessels require that I have failed to notice? Makes you think, eh?

This weekend, as well as having a Hot Cross Bun or two (already eaten them!), I will be taking some time away from the computer (and all the paper shuffling) and considering which projects (boats) I want to continue crewing (or Captaining) and which ones just are not ‘making my boat go faster’. It’s not just a matter of what earns more money, mind. It’s more about what gives me a buzz ….

Time for a Spring Clean, folks….

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