Magic moments

5 April 2015

There was a magical moment this weekend when I said “Eureka – I know what I am going to write for the blog post on Sunday!” Unfortunately, I failed to write down this wonderful concept and am now sat here thinking: “Why?”

Why did I not add this superb thought to my list of ‘ingenious master plans’? People who know me will be aware that I profess to only have one of these fantasmagorical ideas per annum – how could I let it pass by simply by not having a piece of paper to hand? Unbelievable!! So now I am sat here wondering what might have been…. maybe during the forthcoming week it will spring to mind randomly (doubtful, I have to confess!).

So, it’s Easter Sunday. How many of you had eggs? It’s surely a good excuse to eat chocolate today….? Well, I had none, through choice. The last nine months or so have been sadly lacking the ‘magic moments’ for me, unfortunately. Silly individuals creating unnecessary turmoil in my world, alongside a best friend with a terminal brain tumour and other ‘friend-related’ issues in my world. Life can really be a challenge. Unnecessarily so, at times.

However, as I have said on a number of occasions, 2015 is going to be brilliant….. Positivity rules and so, as Frank Sinatra said ” The best revenge is massive success“. As my good friend Thomas MacEntee said just moments ago (on FB): “Success leaves nothing for others to b*tch about and just proves their negativity and emptiness. Empty vessels are ALWAYS the loudest.”

Who fancies a trip to Barrie, Ontario, Canada in May? I’ll be there as keynote speaker at the Ontario Genealogical Society Conference 2015 between May 29th and May 31st. Oh, and I will also be on the Transatlantic Unlock The Past Cruise to Miami in November 2015 …. or you can catch me in two weeks at the Who Do You Think You Are? Live Show at the NEC in Birmingham (UK), as well as numerous other events on my lectures/events page (being updated on a daily basis). Hope to meet you folks soon….

Hmm…. success? What does that look like? I wonder….

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