The power of miaow

7 April 2015

Who is the noisiest creature in the office of FWL? Who is the least productive member of the FWL team? Who is the most challenging character to try to change? Yes, surprisingly enough …. Diesel. Not the fuel. That’s productive, when placed in a vehicle which takes the team (or indeed, one person) from A to B. No, this Diesel is a ginger and white furry beast. Sometimes, friend of the FWL office and often, good company when ‘flying solo’ on case work. However, sometimes quite the opposite.

You know those people in life who cannot seem to make up their minds? Those “I don’t know….” or “whatever you think is best” people? Well, they may well rub you up the wrong way but at least, if you don’t ask their opinion, they won’t offer it. But “Miaow, miaow, miaow, miaow” is neither required, nor desired when on the telephone to clients, the BBC, etc. etc.

Is it possible to silence the miaow? It would appear not. The same as you cannot silence those irritating colleagues in the workplace. I guess that we – at FWL – should be pleased that actually we get on like a ‘house on fire’ and the only (occasionally) infuriating one, is the furry one. There is a front door to the office here and also, a back door (both of which have been opened on a more regular basis than usual today). However, the sun has been out in force and so, the power of miaow has been shared with our near neighbours who, I am sure, have appreciated it no end! It really adds tune to your day when doing research….!

Tomorrow, we will all be out of the office, leaving the ginger and white furry one to miaow to his heart’s content. On his own. Some small consolation: he has ‘had the snip’ so cannot produce any more powerful miaowers of the future. This procedure should perhaps also be carried out on humans who should not procreate to produce the next generation??

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