Sunday: A Day of Therapy

12 April 2015

Panic not. I have not handed my soul to the devil and given myself a day off to be pampered. Like that would ever happen! Nor have I finally handed myself in to the local GA meeting – Genealogists Anonymous. It’s an addiction but certainly not one I plan on (or feel it is necessary to consider) giving up….

Today – Sunday – has been a work-filled (work-fuelled) day. It’s not often I get to the end of a weekend and feel that the ‘to-do’ list has been significantly slain. There were tasks which had been on the list for many-a-week, which I dreaded tackling. The ones which have no specific deadline and hence, are put off week-after-week.

No more. From over two pages, the list now has around twenty items – that’s the things I can remember that I need to do before departing for Who Do You Think You Are? Live on Wednesday. One of those is to run through my two lectures for the event…. I haven’t written down ‘pack for WDYTYA’ as I think that’s kind of obvious!

Some of the ‘dreaded tasks’ took an amazingly brief period of time and were actually quite enjoyable. It just goes to show that some things ‘ain’t as bad as they seem’…. when you get your teeth into them. Having provided feedback to half a dozen clients, re-written a lecture for tomorrow, re-arranged the office (note: not tidied the office – sorry Team!) and planned my travels around the south face of Oxfordshire tomorrow, I can now take charge of some more of those pesky boats (see blog posts over the last ten days).

Feeling pretty positive – zen stones may help? – about the week ahead. Looking forward to catching up with geneamates at WDYTYA as well as meeting up with some surprising visitors! Will be assisting members of the public in the Ask The Experts arena (aka ‘Geneaspeed-dating’) and hopefully breaking down lots of their brick walls…. See you there? If not, I’ll keep you informed via this daily blog so you won’t miss out on much. I’d definitely keep an eye out on Twitter too as there will be much action on the Tweet-front over the course of the three-day event, I am sure.

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