Really not my finest hour….

14 April 2015

There are times when the candle simply has to be burnt at both ends at FWL. Short deadlines on projects? Well, I guess we could say NO, but we rarely do. We just raise our game to achieve the (sometimes) seemingly impossible. Don’t get me wrong, there will be times when we are asked to do something which is utterly ridiculous and beyond the realms of possibility – like a fully documented tree overnight, for example! – but this team is super human. How many MDs can say that they have team members who say ‘I’m all yours – what can I take off your plate?’ Two of my mega-squad asked me that this morning, knowing that I am busy writing lectures for Who Do You Think You Are? Live in Birmingham and that there were many jobs which could be delegated (sometimes I just need the offer)!

Having had far too little sleep last night finishing a project for a client’s father’s 80th birthday this Sunday, the packing is not going brilliantly well in preparation for my departure tomorrow afternoon. What does a girl need for a three-day genealogical conference? Well, all the publicity material is in hand for The Surname Society and the Society for One-Place Studies – lots of exciting goodies for interested visitors to the event. Unfortunately, fitting these items into the smallest suitcase I possess (in the hope that I can ‘travel light’) left pretty much no space for the other necessities, like clothes and toiletries. So, this evening saw a brief trip into the ‘upper strata’ – the loft – to locate an alternative receptacle for all my stuff. Whoever would have thought that this trip could be so dangerous….

The ladder expedition was no problem and I scaled the dizzy heights without any altitude sickness. However, in switching on the light to actually see where the other suitcases were, I managed to smack myself in the mouth with the plug! Are you kidding???! Ouch!! Ice duly applied and I am sincerely hoping that when I awake in the morning, I am not going to have a bruise/lump/other damage to my face to explain for the remainder of the week. New day, new brain tomorrow (please)!

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