To WDYTYA I go … but by public transport?

15 April 2015

Who Do You Think You Are? Live is the biggest genealogy show in the UK and is a ‘must’ for all professionals, amateurs and beginner family historians…. This year is its first outing to Birmingham having previously been at Kensington Olympia and a brief (2 day) visit to Glasgow in August (2014). Having popped into the NEC en route to my residence (avec the lovely Mia Bennett), the venue looks to be much improved on previous years; wider aisles between stands, blue carpets as opposed to pink (vast improvement) and a much better layout in general. So, a fine start!

The journey however…. oh heck, where do I start? I decided that the ‘still-not-named’ not-so-new-anymore car did not need to make the journey to ‘Brum’. M4-M5-M6 is not a route I relish and so it was decreed (by me) that I would travel on public transport. Taxi from Calne to Swindon, train from Swindon to Didcot, another train from Didcot to Oxford, another train from Oxford to Birmingham New Street and another train from Birmingham New Street to Birmingham International. Remind me: why did I decide to travel on public transport?

On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being the most annoying journey I have ever had, I think this would score around 7.8 to 8. Seriously…. No delays but THREE changes and only ONE train with Wifi? The whole point of travelling this way was so that I could WORK en route. Although I met a lovely young lady on one brief part of my Oxford to Birmingham leg and we had jolly good chats, even that didn’t really make up for the four hour voyage. Calne to Swindon, Swindon to London Paddington and then, the tube to Olympia is much simpler. I guess we’ll have to see how the show itself goes to decide….

Looking forward to catching up with members of Team FWL, fellow professionals, members of the public, stand holders and more…. BRING ON THE SHOW!

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