Networking at its best

23 April 2015

Is it possible to do too much networking? I sincerely hope not! The last week – Thursday to Thursday – has seen the FWL team doing more networking than eating, I suspect! It is ‘business appointment central‘ here, with new connections made and brilliant ideas coming out of meetings…. Oh yes, watch this space! Exciting times ahead….

For a few years, we have been members of BNI and recently, managed to nail a ‘big contract’ from one of the ‘Big X’ (X being a number less than 10) A-list family historians/Heir Hunters. We are professional, ethical and thorough in our research and, in our opinion, provide a much better service than our competitors…. but I bet everyone says that! Having been a member of 4N for just four weeks, as a company we have already received an enormous amount of business as well as making some really profitable connections…. So, can there really be too much networking a week?

How long can the jobs list be before it becomes unmanageable? How large can the team be before it becomes impersonal? How much can we achieve in one week? We are proud of the FWL brand and all we do. We don’t give up on anything. We are connected across the globe. So, a case takes us to Jamaica…. yes, we have researchers there. Cambodia? No problem. There is no pin in the map which we cannot do. But more than that, we’ll do anything for anyone….

Who do you know who is adopted and wanting to know about their birth family? Who do you know who wants to trace someone in their long-lost family? Who do you know who is owed money? We can help, here at FWL. Please pass on our contact details…. we change lives.

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