Frenetic Friday

24 April 2015

I often comment about how odd our days are at FWL. Today has been even more peculiar than usual with wide-ranging missions from meeting a young man in a car park behind McDonalds to getting letters hand delivered to far flung (well, ish) places. Never a dull moment! And I used to say that every day was different when I was teaching – well, not quite as varied as FWL days!

Friday always starts early – out of the door before 6am (well, just!). It’s BNI day when I meet with some amazing people who work in/run other local businesses. This morning, we had half a dozen visitors from diverse companies including Utility Warehouse, Fine Scottish Hampers and Avondale Carpets….! Although the meeting is scheduled to finish at 8:30am, I was still there with about half a dozen others at 9:45am. As I said yesterday, networking works.

Unfortunately though, due to a road closure I was (unusually) monumentally late for a 10am appointment. Thankfully my 4N colleague, Mark Terrell, was extremely understanding and flexible with his time and our planned 1 hour meeting shifted slightly to a 10:20am kick-off and in the midst of all the chaotic Bath traffic, a call came in regarding two certificates I had ordered on Monday….

Mark is one of those people who I instantly connected with – he’s a personable business coach (a rare breed in my experience). He is interested in everything I do and doesn’t just want to get me on the next seminar/workshop/course. Although I am a pretty good reflector and independent thinker, in just two meetings with him it really has opened my eyes to …. [you didn’t seriously think I was going to give away the secrets, did you?!]

After Mark departed, I managed to snatch a brief meeting with another local business owner and jolly good friend, Kit Williams of Silver Compass – that would be the multi-award winning Silver Compass! We shared – unexpectedly – some really useful business ideas between us before we both had to return to work. In the midst of all of this, I had successfully managed to get two letters hand-delivered on Heir Hunting cases in ‘far flung’-ish locations c/o 4N/BNI connections – one of whom, I had never ever spoken to before this morning …. (thanks Craig @Colour_Connect and the amazing PD, John Clapham @Johnclaphamifa).

I know you have all only read this far because you want to know about the young man in McDonalds part of my day…! OK, confession time…. I was collecting two tall boys which I had purchased from a gentleman in Warminster and, as I really didn’t want to travel to Warminster to collect them, his son kindly agreed to meet me in Trowbridge to exchange some cash for the wonderful new bedroom furniture! Now, the evening can be used to rearrange the essential items and have a bedroom without a pair of under-desk drawers which I had in my bedroom when I was 13….

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