Saturday – a day of rest?

25 April 2015

Well, perhaps for some people…. Here at FWL, it’s been busy as usual, though in slightly different ways. A trip to the post office to collect a special delivery envelope from yesterday, only to return to another one c/o the lovely Dawn (resident post lady for FWL) and a birth certificate – the certificate I have been hoping Dawn would deliver all week! And a very interesting read it was too (worth the wait!)….

As most people around the world know, us English people don’t half love to discuss the weather. It doesn’t feature often in FWL blogs though so, for the record, the morning was overcast but dry and this afternoon has been rain, rain and more rain. Not of the torrential variety but constant…. However, before the wet stuff fell from the sky, Mr FWL managed to cut the final strip of grass which needed his attention. The neighbour had departed and his car was no longer close by (as it had been last weekend) so it was time to strike – what considerate neighbours we are! In the meantime, I did some earth-shatteringly exciting filing. Oh joy! [If only my filing system actually looked like the one pictured on the right!]

I chose to spend the latter part of the afternoon ‘Hanging Out’ for some geneamates from The Surname Society and the lovely Geoff Rasmussen from Legacy Family Tree, talking about how to use Legacy software for surname studies. I stopped briefly to watch the World Championship Snooker during periods of the day though sadly I think I am destined to be working late this evening and for most of tomorrow (Sunday) finishing deadline-rigid projects for clients.

Finding people – present or past – is a very time-consuming and extremely rewarding job. Bring on the next mission for ‘Mama Adoption‘!!

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