A new hobby: Welding!

26 April 2015

You are probably wondering how I have time for a new hobby? And you would be right to question my sanity. There are already too few hours for down time in my life. I cannot remember the last time I played my three saxophones and I am considering taking up something else to fill even more of my time?

Well, you need not be concerned. Actually, I have just taken to welding my bottom to the office chair for hours…. And figuring out how to unweld it (is that even a word?) after monumental amounts of writing in one day. Oh and did I mention that it’s Sunday??


The problem with the working week at FWL is that Heir Hunting is a rather distracting profession! New cases need quick action and so finishing off the final tweaks of a four-week course for the National Institute for Genealogical Studies cannot fit into most working days. Hence, it’s a little later on delivery than I had originally hoped but is now all set for end of April submission – finally! The whole of Sunday has disappeared but the course is almost there…. it’s on ‘How to carry out a one-place (community) study‘ and is apparently much in demand (so I am told by the Boss) so I hope that course participants enjoy it and learn a lot of new tips from it!

Now to remove my rear from the office and work on other missions – a family history or two? A quote or an invoice? Or maybe some more World Championship Snooker? I have, at least, been accompanied today by the London Marathon (#ThankyouPaula) and been inspired to get back on the track tomorrow. A clearer week on the diary front so hopefully, missions will be completed and cases signed this week – please keep everything crossed folks!

[Gena – look out for an email or two later this week!!]

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