Politics, post and plonkers

27 April 2015

Life seems to revolve around these three P’s at the moment – actually, they are often one in the same thing. Strange though it may seem, I look forward to Dawn (or her equivalent) arriving each morning. [For irregular blog readers, Dawn is the main and most stupendous postlady for our offices.]

We often converse – Dawn and I – as she frequently brings envelopes which require my signature (recorded and special deliveries). But of late, she has been bringing rather more leaflets than I am used to. Dominos, local garden services, cleaners and the like, they are pretty standard once in a while, but now I have brochures with people’s faces on staring at me from the ‘Welcome’ doormat. I have no choice in the matter it would appear, though at least I can put them in the recycling bin (that part, is my choice).

My enthusiasm for the postal delivery is somewhat waning now but I am hopeful that my inspired ‘trot’ from chair (once unwelded) to front door may return next week. I don’t think those faces will be appearing on the doormat then. It does make me wonder who stumps up the cash for all this printing. I hope it’s not taken out of our tax!

There are so many important things which we are able to choose whether we want to opt in or out of these days – why, not this? The Electoral Roll …. receiving cold calls from sales people …. being listed in the telephone directory …. but we cannot actively say “I don’t want to receive publicity material for the local politicians, on the doormat of my office/home“? It’s bizarre this country, eh!

Good luck to all of you who want to spend your time trying to make a difference to our odd island, either at a local or national level. I’ll just stick with what I do best, here at FWL.

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