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5 May 2015

There are some days when I wonder which way is up. Today is one of those days. I think that sleep featured for a short time but I am pretty sure that the alarm said ‘5 hours and [something] minutes’ when I set it. The Ontario Genealogical Society (OGS) Conference Committee meeting started at midnight last night so it was never destined to be an early night of any sort! (I have to confess I did manage to do some create family tree drawing during the meeting….!)

Tuesday – the second part – has been anything but mundane and nothing has happened in isolation. A quiet morning followed by the office phone, my mobile and the door bell all going at the same time, and this continued for the whole afternoon! Some challenging cases on the cards at the moment – just call me ‘Mama Adoption‘ – with some third parties being soooo super helpful and others quite the reverse.

Regular readers will recall my discourse
with Natwest
earlier in the year and I was not overly enamoured (understatement) to find that a case returning from the newly named Government Legal Department (previously the Treasury Solicitor, or TSOL) on Saturday was regarding funds help by their ‘sibling’ company, Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS). Although the first interaction was exactly as predicted (same conversation as with Natwest), the Manager was outstanding (thank you, Charles) and within 24 hours, the matter has been resolved and a process put in place. [So, how did you manage to take over four weeks, Natwest?]

In the midst of all of this, an hour’s committee meeting (The Surname Society – TSS), the ‘still-unnamed-no-longer-new-car‘ had a new windscreen fitted (stone chip offence committed on the M4 motorway, sadly too large to fix) and a minor set-to with Coventry City Council…. it’s been non-stop and tomorrow is an early start in Bath (6:30am meeting!). Have to say an enormous thank you to the teams I am lucky enough to be a part of – FWL, OGS and TSS. Without you, your dedication, enthusiasm, support and drive, I wouldn’t want to do what I’ve done today. [Greater love hath no genealogist than to stay up until midnight for the start of a meeting!!]

And that’s without talking about the teaching work of this evening ….. Zzzzzz…..

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