Cat biscuits, Calne and Canada

6 May 2015

There are just a few things which you know you can rely on in life. The age old adage is that ‘in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes‘. However, I think there is a little more to it than that…. What cannot be relied upon currently is the Government Legal Department (GLD) – yesterday, 1 new case listed and today, 25! Doesn’t help with case load and staff management, I can tell you. Today, one of the listed estates was a death in a care home in Calne – right on the doorstep and not to be ignored. It would be fair to say though, that tracing this case put pay to bringing the recycling bin up to the house (again) and also meant that the cats went without their biscuits earlier on. Fatal. Will I ever be forgiven? [doubtful]

Calne – where our offices are – is a lovely market town which has seen a lot of change since the closure of the imposing Harris pork processing factory in 1983. Unemployment in the town increased considerably as the factory employed over 2,000 people of the town’s population of 10,000 and hence, many people who live in the town now (some thirty years later) are not originally from the town or even the county of Wiltshire. It’s an eclectic mix of people now and a great place to be based. You can rely on people in Calne. People know each other and talk to each other in the street, in the post office, in Costa Coffee….

And soon, to Canada I go …. where the people are equally friendly so it’ll be like home from home! I’ll be heading off in two weeks and two days to be precise. Very excited but so many projects to do before my departure date. As always, I will manage to get to the airport without really knowing how I have made it to that point. Who knows…. I might manage to relax on the plane and not be writing lectures and blogs, maybe!? [How realistic is that, really?]

Cats fed and watered, bin still to be brought up to the house (only been at the bottom of the drive since Monday!) and tomorrow is nearly here already…. what will the GLD deliver? Take your pick – any number between zero and thirty would be a possibility, I would say!

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