Operation Barrie

8 May 2015

In two weeks time, I will have arrived in Canada. Oh heck! Now must be the time to launch ‘Operation Barrie’ then…. Having just purchased another batch of Tracing Your West Country Ancestors books, a number of copies have been placed in the bottom of the suitcase (after being autographed), for sale at the event. Alongside them are several ‘draw prizes’ which have been kindly donated by a variety of organisations and individuals.

Ma & Pa FWL have recently returned from one of their worldly gallivants and have sold on some Canadian dollars (CAD) at a good rate so I have some cash to spend, plus they also had some funds left on a rather funky ‘credit-card-esque’ thing which is already topped-up with CAD and, I am told, needs to be spent. Wonderful stuff!

I have a few ‘please can you bring me some’ requests from friends which have been purchased and are ready to be transported (next to the rather empty toiletries bag) and also a few small gifts to say ‘thanks for having me stay’ at the various locations I am residing during my first week. I am tremendously excited about heading west again and have booked all my train tickets in preparation for the actual travelling part (as well as – clearly – my flights).

Having been at the University of Ottawa for a year of my academic studies (which incidentally had NOTHING to do with history, family history or anything even vaguely similar!), last year I enjoyed the opportunity to reacquaint myself with many friends from the past. Genealogy is a great job to have as nearly all genies are extremely welcoming to ‘foreigners’ and so I almost feel as if I am heading back to my second home by returning to the OGS Conference in Barrie. It has been an honour to work with the Committee to help plan the event (even if the meetings are at ridiculous o’clock for me!) and now, I just have to finalise my workshop, lecture presentations and keynote slots. ‘If I Could Turn Back Time‘ (the title of my keynote on Friday night)…. I would have written the presentations months ago!

Will I see you in Barrie??

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