The power of the weekend

10 May 2015

Don’t panic – we haven’t had the weekend off! Not even close…. Doing what we do is a 24-7 job. Well, not quite 24 hours a day but we do eat, sleep and breathe the job! Case work can’t be put down at 5pm, the office doesn’t open at 9am and we certainly don’t have weekends off. The phone has been answered several times, we have had online meetings with several beneficiaries in Australia and emails have been drafted and sent around the world, to ensure that estate claims are being progressed as quickly as we can for our clients.

The weekend started with the ‘power of the list‘. Two pages and that was just the highlights…. Some jobs were short and some much longer. Some have been completed and others are getting closer to the top in preparation for the arrival of Monday morning. As Heir Hunters, our days at FWL are taken up with jobs which need to be done ‘now’ – later just won’t do. Therefore, some of the chunkier work which needs greater concentration periods is placed in the ‘hold queue‘ until the craziness has calmed down (but does that ever happen?!).

Several articles are due this week for various groups across the globe from Australia to Canada and plenty in between. Evenings are going to be busy here I think! But I have to say the ‘power of the weekend‘ has been immense. ‘Operation New Gate’ and the trip to B&Q reminded me that there is life outside the four office walls. Networking a few times a week is great but that’s still business. This weekend, I have just been me and done ‘normal people stuff‘. I have taken off the hat of MD@FWL (and my hair looks so much better)!

The countdown has now officially commenced – twelve sleeps and I fly. 12 x 24 = 288 hours, so I well and truly have less working hours left than that. Will the crazy life slow down when I am in Canada? Well, let’s wait and see. But, I think I now know that vodka is a liquid and that I cannot have a large bottle (even if almost empty) in my hand luggage…. [see The Idiot’s Guide to Airport Security from my last trip]…. there is hope for me yet!!

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