Genie-inspiring others

12 May 2015

Inspiring young people was my job of yesteryear and now, I try to inspire everyone I meet to get involved in genealogy, but only if they bring it up in conversation. How many of you have had discussions with genealogists and wished you had never begun? You know …. the ones where the other person is regaling you with the entire family history in one fell swoop? Thankfully that has not ever and will not ever be me. But ask me to talk about it and you really will hear me rattle on for a while!

This evening, I had the pleasure of being invited to speak to Marden Belles – the local WI evening group in Calne. They claim on their website to be a ‘next generation‘ WI and they are certainly not wrong there! They were by far the youngest audience I have ever encountered in my vast experience of WI events in Wiltshire. I delighted them with various ludicrous finds as well as encouraging them to dabble in the dark art themselves. You know you have done a good job when several audience members (a) ask questions and (b) come and speak to you afterwards to pick your brains! MD FWL on an outing from the office is always an enjoyable experience and I hope that some of the ladies will pick their trees back up again or take their first tentative steps into their ancestral trails (or should that be trials!).

It is another ‘how did I get to be here‘ day today. Much case work and my bottom doesn’t feel like it has moved an enormous amount during the 8am to 6pm part of the day. I vaguely recall a client popping over this morning with some ID and contracts (it’s in the office, so it must have happened), I wrote an article and I seem to recall two wanderings to the post box. The telephone rang a lot…. so I guess it must have been a good day!! Oh yes and some really exciting news – we have added another new member to the FWL research team!

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