Star Wars, Trek and the Thirteenth

13 May 2015

May. A peculiar month. Two Bank Holiday Mondays (not that that makes a difference to us at FWL really, apart from we don’t get a new list of cases from GLD to work on) and in England, we never quite know what the weather is going to throw at us. One day it can be beautiful sunshine and almost t-shirt and shorts weather and the next day, pouring with rain and blowing a howling gale. Today has been the former (thankfully) and the sun has been positively pouring in our office windows.

The first week of the month always brings with it what is now known as ‘Star Wars Day‘, or f
or the more humorous individuals, ‘Star Trek Day’. ‘May the fourth be with you‘ has stuck in recent years …. heaven knows why is took so long to catch on! This year, I took May 4th to consider whether people have named their children after characters in television programmes. I am pretty sure that checks are carried out now when people register births so that the names are not too ridiculous…. I do mildly worry about Jasper Barnaby W D C L Vader born in September quarter 1972. Could D be Darth? I sincerely hope not. A fair few Yoda middle names appear in the births registered in the latter part of the twentieth century and there is one poor young lady born in 1995 and named Yoda Maria Andrews!

Thankfully, today has not been Friday the 13th. In fact, it’s been anything but thirteen-like with a few lucky strikes and a clear run on a number of jobs which have been ongoing for a few weeks and are ‘slow burns’. Did you know that we cannot do your family history in one day? As an adoptee, we cannot track your birth parents in a week or even a month! ‘Chipping away’ at cases is by far the best option. Fresh eyes, new ideas and frequently, some awesome news as a result. Patience is crucial (on the client’s part) as is diligence (on ours). Do you know anyone who wants to find someone? Do tell them about FWL – the force is with us!

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