What do you give back?

16 May 2015

There are many occasions when we do a piece of work for nothing. Yes, you did read that right. We are highly skilled professional researchers but does that mean we have to charge for everything we do? We don’t think so. If we can locate the information you need in five or ten minutes, why would we charge you? Some business colleagues have recently suggested that no matter what you do for someone, you should charge because otherwise you ‘devalue what you do‘. Well sorry folks, we don’t think that way and you know what? Nor did Anne Frank….


If we provided some information or a service for nothing which was of great value to you, how would you respond? I am guessing – purely speculatively mind – that you might mention us in passing to a friend, colleague, member of the family or similar. This may happen in conversation to say how appreciative you were of what we achieved without charging you, or it may crop up when someone else starts talking about something similar which they need help with. However it happens, how can it be anything but brilliant news for us!?

Many of us at FWL give our time freely to support other organisations across the globe. Why do we do it? (…. we do ask ourselves that on occasion!) The simple answer is because, as Anne Frank said, “no-one has ever become poor by giving“. Givers gain…. What goes around, comes around. So, when did you last give something back? How was it received?

[Apologies to those who say we shouldn’t. We do and we will continue to do so.]

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