And thank you to….

17 May 2015

How many times have you listened to acceptance speeches of the great and the good of the acting and sporting world at award ceremonies and thought, “Is there anyone you haven’t mentioned?” Having been in that position myself on occasion – of thanking people, though not when receiving huge accolades, I hasten to add – I have tried to steer clear of being specific in my thanks. What happens if you miss out crucial people who are really annoyed that they weren’t mentioned? If you only comment on half of the people’s work, does that mean you don’t value the others? Eek…. so many considerations!

Is it possible to overcome this problem and make utterly sure that you recognise the part each and every person played in ‘the team’? (whatever the circumstance for the public ‘thanking’)…. In my opinion, yes! You have a couple of options: (a) do your homework and ensure that your list is complete (dangerous, if you ask me); (b) don’t mention anyone by name; or (c) mention just one or two key people and say an ‘all encompassing’ phrase like “and the various other people who all played their part – you know who you are!”

Thank you is an underused phrase. However, when used, you ingratiate yourself with the person or people receiving your thanks. They will be more inclined to put themselves out for you again in the future, or for someone else. I commented many months ago about how grateful a lady had been in the post office when I held the door open for her and how it was like I had presented her with the crown jewels. When was the last time you expressed gratitude for the ‘work’ someone did for you? Was it a major task which they undertook, or did they provide a small snippet of assistance?

Thank you to all of Team FWL for your hard work over the last week (a testing one for us – we won’t bore you!) and here’s to another great week ahead.

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