The Hour of Power

19 May 2015

When do you achieve your best work? Are you a night owl or one who is up with the larks? Do you burn the candle at both ends and then collapse and recharge your batteries? There are undoubtedly many different work schedules and you pick the one which works best for you. At FWL, we ‘meet’ a lot of people – some literally and some virtually – and it is fascinating to hear the different professions they have. We are representing three long-distance lorry drivers across two cases at the moment and they are away from home all through the working week. Another gentleman works night shifts five days a week and has a wife, children and grandchildren to ‘entertain’ on the weekends! There are so many tasks which need to be fitted into the working and non-working times of the week – when is your Hour of Power?

What tasks do you put into this time frame? Catching up on emails, text messages, telephone calls? Or if it is a business hour, invoicing clients and following up on potential work? How much can you achieve in 60 minutes? Do you write a list of all the tasks you would like to do and cross them off? Or list them as they are done….?

Googling ‘Hour of Power‘, the results were quite different from what I had expected. A whole host of fitness videos/classes and various references to the Rev. Robert Schuller, host of the Sunday morning telecast called “Hour of Power”, were crammed into the Top Ten returns…. Well, you certainly learn something new every day! And so, I am now considering when to schedule my ‘Hour of Power’ tomorrow and what I should try to achieve. Washing doesn’t count, though needs to be done. Getting clothes folded (ready to pack for my imminent trip) isn’t really a powerful task either. Power – in my eyes – needs to be quick, short, sharp shock jobs …. one to sleep on perhaps (that’s a short, sharp enough task nowadays too!).

Have you ever used your ‘Hour of Power’ for a snooze? Does that actually work to recharge the batteries?

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