On your marks….

21 May 2015

…. Get Set, Go! Time to start the race. The race to Heathrow. It’ll be a slowly run race. I prefer to be the tortoise than the hare, so I will be leaving way earlier than needed in order to ‘poddle‘ to Terminal 5 rather than sprint. Everything is in place – cats in the cattery, car in the ‘carrery’, hair cut, all identification documents returned to clients, shopping done (OK, so I managed to leave my debit card in the newsagents but there is time to resolve that one in the morning) and the suitcase just manages to weigh in with the right digits on the scale. Probably best not to think about the fact that my jacket isn’t in there yet….

Isn’t it amazing how you end up packing just as much for a week as you do for a month? 23 kilograms seems like a large amount until you start putting books in. I am only trying to take twelve but my goodness, they weigh ‘a ton’. Thank heaven for British Airways and the vast hand luggage allowance – also 23 kilograms. Lots of wiggle room …. And, I was stunned to find that when I checked in online today, I have been upgraded to World Traveller Plus which provides me with an extra inch of width and seven inches in ‘pitch’, whatever that might mean. I hope that it will mean that I can work on my lectures without being as squashed as in World Traveller. No idea what I have done to deserve this extra space – and apparently metal cutlery according to the travels of Ma & Pa FWL! – but I am chuffed to bits already.

First stop, Niagara for the weekend. Enormously looking forward to catching up with a good friend from University Days, her husband and two boys. A Bank Holiday weekend with a difference!

Who will be at the OGS Conference in Barrie next weekend? Looking forward to meeting up with some regular blog readers and fellow bloggers there!

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